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Signal Post Signs

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London Paddington
Signal SN13 at London Paddington is fitted with a yellow diamond sign bearing a letter "X", which denotes that the signal post telephone must not be used, except in an emergency. (Photo taken 25 June 2013)

Signal number TT276, one of five searchlight signals located at the west end of Nottingham station, is fitted with a white diamond sign bearing a letter "X" and a plate stating the telephone extension number for the relevant control panel at Trent signal box. The alphanumeric route indication "M" refers to the Up Main line. (Photo taken 25 June 2011)

Lightweight LED signal GC5058 at Whitecraigs is fitted with a 'delta' plate denoting that it is a colour light distant signal not capable of displaying a red aspect. (Photo taken 1 April 2013)

Great Malvern
The Down Distant signal for Malvern Wells, number MW40, carries a 'delta' plate with non-standard colouring. The signal is situated off the end of the Down platform at Great Malvern station. (Photo taken 25 April 2008)

Banbury North
The sign alongside this disc shunting signal at Banbury North shows the eight-digit GSM-R telephone number, known as the "CT7 number". To contact the signalman, the driver should dial this number on the GSM-R control panel instead of pressing the "SG" button. (Photo taken 27 June 2013)

Wigan North Western
This banner repeater at the south end of Wigan North Western station carries a plate with the signal number WN44BR and a symbol identifying it as a three-state banner, capable of displaying a green 'off' indication. (Photo taken 6 July 2013)