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Links to Other Relevant Sites

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The following links lead to other websites where explanations of some of the lineside signs and signal indications belonging to different railway systems worldwide may be found.

Disclaimer: Responsibility for the content of these websites lies with their individual owners.

Tubeprune contains pages on London Underground signalling.
Austrian Signals by J B Calvert.
Belgian Signals by J B Calvert.
Danish Signaling, an introduction by Carsten S Lundsten gives details of signals in Denmark.
Suomen rautateiden merkit ja opasteet explains the meanings of signals and signs in Finland. Finnish language only.
French Signals by J B Calvert.
La signalisation ferroviaire française is a detailed site with information on French signals and signs. French language only.
German Railway Signals by Wolfgang Meyenberg.
German Signals by J B Calvert.
Railroad Signals on the Hungarian State Railways shows the various aspects displayed by colour light signals.
Italian Signals by J B Calvert.
Segnali Ferroviari Italiani is a site packed with information on Italian signalling. Italian language only.
The NS Signalling System is a site about signalling in the Netherlands.
Chester Home Page has some pages giving explanations of Polish signals and signs.
Pod semaforkiem by Paweł Niedomagała has several pages explaining the meanings of signals and signs in Poland. Polish language only.
Swedish Signals by Krister Johannesson.
Chinese Railway Signals by Wolfgang Meyenberg depicts colour light and semaphore signals.
The IRFCA Server contains information on Indian Railways signal aspects and signs.
Sumida Crossing has descriptions of Japanese Railway signals and signalling.
Russian Signalling by J B Calvert.
Trains of Turkey has some information on signal aspects in Turkey.
Railroad Signals of the U.S. is a colourful and well illustrated site.
A History of the Railroads of CSX has details of American signals.
North American Signaling by Carsten S Lundsten is another site on American signaling.
Trainman's Trainpage includes pages with explanations of signal aspects in Australia.
Vicsig has a large section devoted to signals in Victoria.